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KLAE – Winter Night Driving – Are you and your fleet ready for a cold snap?

KLAE – Winter Night Driving – Are you and your fleet ready for a cold snap?

March 5th, 2015

It’s easy to forget when managing a fleet of vehicles that when the weather takes a turn, we need to ensure that certain things are checked in order to keep our drivers and our vehicles safe.
Checking your vehicles now ensures that if the British weather characteristically takes a cold turn, your drivers, your fleet and your business is not brought to a standstill unless completely necessary.
So what do you need to check, both inside and out, to make sure that you are prepared, no matter what the weatherman predicts?

Protect Your Drivers – You have a duty of care for each and every person that drives on of your fleet vehicles.  Installing an emergency pack in each of your vehicles ensures that if they do have an accident, then they are equipped to administer themselves or others basic first aid whilst awaiting assistance.  First aid kits, winter blankets and spare clothing, shovels, reflective clothing and even food can make all the difference and should be the bare minimum provided in a commercial vehicle.

Visability – This includes ensuring windscreen wipers are not cracked or damaged and can clear the glass effectively.   Keeping your fleet vehicles clean and waxed will help to eliminate build up that can block wipers and stop them working correctly, so make sure they are regularly booked in to be cleaned.  Wiper fluid levels should be checked and screen wash (with anti-freeze in winter months) should be used at all times.

Batteries – Undoubtedly the biggest cause of fleet vehicle break downs are faulty or winter damaged batteries.  Cold batteries are less capable of charging or holding onto their charge and in colder, darker months the increased use of lighting and heating puts an even bigger strain on their resources.  Make sure that your fleet vehicle batteries are tested and replaced where necessary before the winter cold snaps hit and ensure that drivers are turning off interior electrics when not in the vehicle.

Tyres – Ensuring that tread and pressure are correct is even more vital in winter conditions and can have a huge impact on braking distance and tyre life. Regular checks through the winter months can keep your drivers, your fleet and other people safe.  Some companies will switch their entire fleet to winter tyres, especially if they are in a snow prone area of the country.

Here at King’s Lynn Auto Electrical, we have everything you need to make sure that your fleet is fully equipped to keep running smoothly in every weather condition.
From new LED lighting for better visibility in low level light conditions, to jump packs, commercial batteries and  even buzzers to alert drivers of leaving their lights on, we have it all and are a one stop shop for you and you fleet.

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