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KL Auto Electrical Summer Road Advice

July 14th, 2015

There is nothing better on hot days like we have been having lately then to hop in the car, wind down the windows and go for a drive.

Trips to the coast or just a nice drive through country lanes is something that we all look forward to when the sun is shining; however, we are all too familiar with the problems of a nation all taking to the road in the heat at the same time can bring.

We have out together a list of the most common complaints that we hear about from customers and friends to do with summer driving and some advice on how to avoid them happening to you!

The dreaded breakdown – There is nothing worse than planning a day out with family or friends, getting half way there and the car starts to stutter. No one wants to be stranded at the side of the road at the best of times, but in high temperatures it can seem even worse.

The number one cause of breakdowns in summer weather is overheating.   Not topping up your coolant, leaking hoses or broken cooling fans in your engine are the culprits, so before you start your journey, make sure that your car is prepared for the heat.

How to check your coolant system:

  • Ensure that you check the level on your coolant reservoir regularly and especially before a long trip
  • If your coolant hoses are showing wet patches, you probably have a leak, so a trip to your local garage may be needed.
  • It’s easy to check your fans yourself. Turn on your engine and leave it to idle. After about 5-10 minutes, you should hear the fan start. Listen out for it and if you hear nothing or it sounds like it is having problems, take it to get it checked before you go

Punctures and flat tyres- As rubber expands when it gets hot, summer can be a little more taxing on your tyres than normal, especially when it gets to record highs like what we have seen lately. The road is already hot and when you add to that the friction between the tyre and the road surface and you are looking at some serious expansion. This can aggravate existing weaknesses in your tyres which can lead to punctures and even blow outs; not something you want to happen on a busy motorway or an isolated back road.

How to check your car tyres:

  • Look for any signs of wear and tear that may cause your tyres to blow out. Bubbling of the rubber is a sure sign that you need to change it as soon as you can, but deep cracks and stones in the tread will need to be inspected as well.
  • Check your tyre pressure. Remember, if you are going to be carrying a heavier load than normal, you will need to adjust your tyre pressure to compensate. Best to check your car models manufacturer handbook for the correct levels.

Visibility and Glare- We all love the sunshine; however it can play havoc on our ability to see the road ahead of us. Another feature of summer driving is the amount of bug suicide we see on the front of our cars and, more importantly, our windscreens. Too much build up and you can struggle to see, especially if the sun shines off the smears causing blind spots.

How to keep your visibility clear:

  • Make sure that you have plenty of water and windscreen clear fluid in your window washer so that you can keep your screen clean as you go. Depending on how far your journey is, it is always a good idea to have another bottle in your boot, so if you run out you already have a premix ready to go.
  • Sunglasses are a great idea as they not only protect your eyes, but they help reduce glare from the road surface and other cars.
  • Remember, bug debris can also affect your car headlamps and their function if you allow it to build up, so a quick wipe of the glass before you head off again is always a good idea.

We can help you make sure that your car is ready for the road; from checking your fluid levels and window wipers, to filling up your air conditioning and looking at your tyres for you. Just call our team today on 01553 765 211 to book your car in or shop online for any parts you may need to do the job yourself!


Are you ‘Summer Road Ready’ this holiday season?

May 13th, 2015

With the British Summer season officially only a month away, millions of us are going to be taking to the road either home or abroad for road trips, days out and holidays and in order to make sure that we all stay safe whilst we travel, there are a number of checks that we should all be making before setting off.

Window Wipers: With summer comes dust and bugs, both of which can smear up your windscreen and cause visibility issues when driving. Making sure that your window wiper blades have no cracks in them and that your washer fluid level is topped up are essential parts of summer driving. It’s also a great idea to add some screen wash to your fluid too to help to clear the more stubborn insects and also aids against smear marks which can catch the sun.

Oil Levels and Coolant: These should both be checked before any long journey; however it is important to ensure that your coolant is topped up before you head out in summer. Traffic jams on hot days play havoc with engines and it is never fun sitting at the side of the road whilst it cools down again. As an extra precaution and if you are travelling abroad to a hotter country, you should also check that your cooling fan is working. Let your engine tick over until it heats up and you should hear your fan start. If not, replace it before you head off.

Tyres, spares and tools: Again, something that should be checked before heading out on any journey; your tyres. Both tread depth and pressure are important for correct fuel consumption, breaking distance and to prevent against blow outs so make sure that you stop by a garage and get it checked. Also, check your spare tyre for the same things and ensure that you have all the tools you may need in order to change it if you need too. Nothing worse than being stranded because you forgot your jack!

Auto Lighting: Checking they all work correctly is very important. Headlights, indicators, break lights and even your number plate lights should all be checked and if needed, replaced before you leave home. Another thing to remember is if you are driving in another country, you will need to buy and fit headlamp converters if driving on the other side of the road.

Aircon: Not vital for safety, but definitely an essential comfort requirement; making sure that your aircon is working efficiently and is fully topped up could be a life saver on long, hot journeys. We can check this for you at our workshop, so make sure that you book in and we will give it a check over.

Driving abroad: Driving in a different country is not the same as driving here in the UK, not only because of the different side of the road, but also each country will have its own set of rules and laws that you will need to abide by whilst you are there.

Remember, a lot of European countries use kilometres rather than miles on their speed signs and it is regulatory for you to have certain breakdown equipment in your car, such as a high vis jacket and a reflective warning triangle in your vehicle at all times. Protect yourself by checking up on the rules and laws of the country that you will be driving in before you go.

Here at Kings Lynn Auto Electricals, we can help you make sure that your car is summer road ready from headlamp to exhaust pipe, with our workshop services available to book now and our shop stocking replacement parts as well.

Check out our online shop here or call our team today on 01553 765211 to book an appointment or to talk to our knowledgeable team.

KLAE – Winter Night Driving – Are you and your fleet ready for a cold snap?

March 5th, 2015

It’s easy to forget when managing a fleet of vehicles that when the weather takes a turn, we need to ensure that certain things are checked in order to keep our drivers and our vehicles safe.
Checking your vehicles now ensures that if the British weather characteristically takes a cold turn, your drivers, your fleet and your business is not brought to a standstill unless completely necessary.
So what do you need to check, both inside and out, to make sure that you are prepared, no matter what the weatherman predicts?

Protect Your Drivers – You have a duty of care for each and every person that drives on of your fleet vehicles.  Installing an emergency pack in each of your vehicles ensures that if they do have an accident, then they are equipped to administer themselves or others basic first aid whilst awaiting assistance.  First aid kits, winter blankets and spare clothing, shovels, reflective clothing and even food can make all the difference and should be the bare minimum provided in a commercial vehicle.

Visability – This includes ensuring windscreen wipers are not cracked or damaged and can clear the glass effectively.   Keeping your fleet vehicles clean and waxed will help to eliminate build up that can block wipers and stop them working correctly, so make sure they are regularly booked in to be cleaned.  Wiper fluid levels should be checked and screen wash (with anti-freeze in winter months) should be used at all times.

Batteries – Undoubtedly the biggest cause of fleet vehicle break downs are faulty or winter damaged batteries.  Cold batteries are less capable of charging or holding onto their charge and in colder, darker months the increased use of lighting and heating puts an even bigger strain on their resources.  Make sure that your fleet vehicle batteries are tested and replaced where necessary before the winter cold snaps hit and ensure that drivers are turning off interior electrics when not in the vehicle.

Tyres – Ensuring that tread and pressure are correct is even more vital in winter conditions and can have a huge impact on braking distance and tyre life. Regular checks through the winter months can keep your drivers, your fleet and other people safe.  Some companies will switch their entire fleet to winter tyres, especially if they are in a snow prone area of the country.

Here at King’s Lynn Auto Electrical, we have everything you need to make sure that your fleet is fully equipped to keep running smoothly in every weather condition.
From new LED lighting for better visibility in low level light conditions, to jump packs, commercial batteries and  even buzzers to alert drivers of leaving their lights on, we have it all and are a one stop shop for you and you fleet.

Shop online at or call our team on 01553 765211 to discuss any issue you may have with either your commercial or domestic vehicles.